Season 1 Episode 26 – Summer Recruiting Talk

Corey and Mike Winkoff of FLG Lacrosse answer some important questions that relates to getting recruited this summer. Learn all about finding the right fit, communicating with college coaches, and what you should be doing right now.

Episode 25 – Mike Silipo of Boston Men’s Lax 
Mike Silipo, Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Boston University, joins Beyond the Game to talk about some relevant topics surround college recruiting, building a successful culture, and dealing with adversity in sports.

Episode 24 – Film Room w/ the Championship Friars
Last night, three stars from the St. Anthony’s Friars shared their memories from one of the most epic High School lacrosse games to date. Brennan O’Neill, Aidan Danenza, and Greg Campisi talk lax, recruiting, ripping twine, and more on our latest episode of BYG! Episode 23 – Long Island High School Bracketology Show
BYG breaks down every Long Island High School bracket to get lacrosse fans excited about the upcoming 2019 playoff games. Who do you have winning it all?! We discuss who are the front-runners, dark horses, and the top players who will help their teams achieve competitive greatness! Episode 22 – It’s Reigning Champs
Cold Spring Harbor varsity girls lacrosse has been on the rise for the last decade. Last year, they made history winning their 1st State Championship in school history. This year, they could have one of the best teams to walk the campus. Hear from their four senior caption, all of which are going to great schools, right here on Beyond the Game

Episode 20 – Chief Welcome Brave
The captains of Syosset boys lacrosse come onto BYG to discuss the next String King Game of the Week against Massapequa, the most recent Top 10 on Long Island, and what it’s like playing for one of the top High School lacrosse programs on Long Island.

Episode 19 – Riding The ‘Stangs
Three stars (Left to right: Mike Sabella, Russell Maher & Joey Spallina) from the undefeated Mustangs come onto BYG to discuss who are the top ten teams on the island, sock game, recruiting stories, playing multiple sports, and what it’s like to be a Spallina.
Episode 18 – Building A Championship Culture guest Al Bertolone
With clear eyes, and full hearts, Al Bertolone has built a winning culture in Mt. Sinai. Since taking over the girls lacrosse team in 2013, he has won 4 State Championships. Besides his success on the field, Coach Al has successfully developed his girls off the field. Learn how he grows leaders, builds culture, and follows the process right here on BYG. 

Episode 17 – Past to Present guest Mike Hungerford
Mike Hungerford, Head Coach of Farmingdale High School comes onto BYG to discuss the history of Long Island lacrosse,  the recruiting process, the characteristics of a winner, and the upcoming season for LI High School lacrosse. Learn from this lacrosse enthusiast, historian, coach, and leader right here!

Episode 16 – College Road Tour Recap
Coach Wink and Coach Corey recap their epic Road Tour around Western PA. Learn things you can’t find on the school’s website in this SPECIAL College Road Show Recap show. We talk about what makes each school unique, that feeling you get walking onto each campus, and of course, we talk lacrosse.


Episode 15 – Road Show at Dickinson College 
Beyond the Game brings on Dickinson College Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Webster to discuss the ins and outs of college lacrosse. We discuss Dickinson’s culture, what student-athletes get out of a Dickinson College experience, and we discuss what it’s like to play Division III.

Episode 14 – The Westward Expansion of Lacrosse
Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country at the High School level. Much of that growth is coming from non-traditional pockets around the country. We bring in Minnesota based club Founder, Cory Childs to discuss the growth of the game, how to make it more consistent state to state, and compare the west vs. the east in sport of lacrosse at the youth, high school, collegiate, and club levels.”

Episode 13 – The Rising Stars of Women’s Lacrosse
BYG brings on three of Long Island’s brightest stars in girls lacrosse, Kasey Choma, Belle Smith, and Katie Desimone to talk about their experience playing for the U-19 USA team in California, talk high school girls lacrosse, and talk about what they do to become great.

Episode 12 – The Business of Youth Sports
The question of should vs. could we create a professional environment for kids in sports raises some very interesting debates within the industry of youth sports. Co-Founder and CEO of iSport360, Ian Goldberg, dives into that very question while discussing the psychology of parents, the use of technology in youth sports, and the importance of incorporating fun, free play for the children of today.

Episode 11 – Boys Recruiting Hangout
Successful College Lacrosse coaches are much more than just coaches. They can be considered innovators, mentors, leaders, managers, and even disrupters. UPenn Head Coach, Mike Murphy & Pace Head Coach, Tom Mariano join BYG to talk about everything lacrosse. Learn from two of America’s top coaches about what they look for in a recruit, how they develop a successful culture, and what it takes to get to the next level.

Episode 10 – Let’s Snip That Ponytail
Were the controversial words projected by the Philadelphia Wings announcer to the 15,000 people watching one of the most infamous Native Americans to play this game: Lyle Thompson. Guest, Bill O’Brien comes onto BYG to discuss what the ponytail represents, the origins of this great game, and how we can move forward from such a negative experience.”

Episode 9 – Girls Recruiting Hangout
If your daughter wants to play lacrosse in college, this is a must watch show! Two of America’s top women’s lacrosse coaches, Dawn Sachs of Mercy College & Kim Williams of Wesleyan, shed light on finding the right fit, getting noticed, visits and commitments, scholarships, and much more!

Episode 8 – High School Preview Show
Four incredible Long Island High School coaches come onto the show to do what they do best, talk lacrosse. Learn all about how Nassau and Suffolk aligns their conferences, who are the favorite teams entering the 2019, and listen to our guests talk about some of Long Island’s rising stars at the High School level.

Episode 7 – Long Island Lacrosse Journal
The second annual Long Island Lacrosse Journal is set to release March 1st, 2019. This digital lacrosse publication, accessed thru the App stores, will feature more content on Long Island High School than any other publication in the history of the sport. Learn all about it right here.

Episode 6 – Giving Tuesday
Harlem Lacrosse empowers the children who are most at risk for academic decline and dropout to rise about their challenges and reach their full potential. On Giving Tuesday, we introduce Harlem Lacrosse Senior Program Director Owen Van Arsdale to discuss why his organization is inspiring children to dream about tomorrow while working hard on the field and classroom today.

Episode 5 – Are you D1 Material?
You didn’t get the offers you anticipated. Now what? This episode educates viewers on the difference between Divisions in college lacrosse, how to take the next step, how to gain momentum, and generate more opportunities in your recruiting process.

Episode 4 – Why I’m Not Committed
I’m a Junior in High School and I’m stressed because I’m still not committed to play lacrosse in college. Learn why taking control and taking time through your recruiting process will create less stress, more opportunity, and the most ideal college choice for you.

Episode 3 – Parenting
Raising a child in the chaotic world of youth sports is no easy task. FLG Lacrosse CEO, Mike Winkoff, shares real stories about how he managed raising his children in sports. This episode includes a can’t miss ‘Ah Ha’ moment for Coach Wink and how his actions changed his life as a dad and coach forever.

Episode 2 – Fall Recruiting
Fall is now a huge season for getting recruited as a lacrosse recruit! FLG Lacrosse provides valuable advice on how to get recruited in the Fall. Also, learn where you should go to get recruited in the Fall. Unsure what’s legitimate contact from a college coach and what’s not? Get educated in our second episode titled, Fall Recruiting.

Episode 1 – Speak For Yourself
Sports afford opportunities to learn lessons that stretch beyond the game. FLG Lacrosse has started a new live streamed show titled Beyond The Game. In our first episode, FLG Lacrosse Program Director, Corey Winkoff, shares real-life stories about speaking for yourself , finding your definition of success, and approaching your sports career like a marathon vs. a sprint.